October 3

The Delaware Lawyers – Serving Wilmington & New Castle County

1200px-Seal_of_Delaware.svgThere are some important things to consider when you are planning to hire a lawyer. The legal process can be simple or complicated depending on the type of legal issue you are facing. Minor offenses where you only need to pay a fine or submit a form may not even require assistance from an attorney. However, even a minor misdemeanor where there is a risk of a prison sentence should be taken seriously. In serious cases, you must always take help of a lawyer. Check following things when dealing with the Delaware lawyers – serving Wilmington & New Castle County.

You can check qualification and other details of a lawyer at the websites of many government departments. There are websites of lawyers associations and directories that list different types of information related to the local lawyers. Take help of these websites to make sure the lawyer you hire is competent to handle your case.

The Area of PracticeMallet, legal code and scales of justice. Law concept, studio shots
The lawyer should have permission to practice in the state and court where you plan to file your case. A local attorney is familiar with the local courthouse. The professional knows judges and the processes followed in the local courthouse. Courts in each state have their own forms and follow their own legal processes. A lawyer familiar with these standards and steps can help you get justice quickly.

Visit the websites of local Delaware lawyers associations. Check if there has been a disciplinary action against the lawyer you are planning to hire. These records may be available on other websites as well. This information will help you avoid dealing with an attorney who has been indicted for malpractices. You can read reviews, feedback’s, and testimonials posted by the lawyer’s earlier clients. Be careful when reading such opinions because the lawyer may have provided good services even if the court case was lost due to other reasons.

An experienced attorney may cost you more but you will receive top quality legal services. The experience of a lawyer counts a lot if your case is complicated or serious. If there is a risk of a prison sentence, losing assets or being fined heavily, you should not compromise on the quality of legal services. An experienced lawyer serving Wilmington and New Castle County brings to the table vast knowledge and expertise gained over the years. If you hire an inexperienced lawyer for such a case, you may receive poor quality legal opinion and services.

Ease of Access
Professional lawyers are busy most of the time so do not expect them to take your phone calls immediately every time you call. Most of the time, a paralegal or secretary will first answer your call. Now it has become easier to get a response directly from a lawyer due to emails. The online communication does not require the lawyer to respond immediately. You should be ready to wait a few hours or a day to receive a response from your lawyer. Ask beforehand how many times you can call the law firm and how long it will take to receive a reply to your query.

You should receive good quality legal services at affordable costs. The fees and charges of the lawyer must be reasonable. You can get an idea of the prevailing fee of a particular type of lawyer in your area by talking to a few lawyers offering similar services. Consult your family members, friends and colleagues to find if anyone of them has recently taken help of a lawyer. The person who recently used services of a local lawyer will give you good estimates of legal fees and charges. This information will give you only an idea about the prevailing average fee of a lawyer. The fees and charges you have to pay will differ slightly because it depends on your legal problem. Ask beforehand how the fees and charges will be calculated, how many times you will receive your billing statement, and if you can receive a billing statement in-between the billing periods. The last one will help you detect any anomaly in a fee or charge that you will be asked to pay.

If you will be dealing with a law firm having many lawyers, you should ask about the lawyer who will handle your case. You should feel comfortable during the first consultation with a lawyer. There should be no obligation to hire the same lawyer immediately. Take your time, consult a few lawyers, and then take a decision to hire the right Delaware lawyer in your county.

March 22

What You Need To Know About Criminal Defense

When you commit a crime or a felony and are arrested, you will be charged in court. When this happens you will need the services of a homepg_photocriminal defense attorney. Such an attorney is very important in your defense because the way he or she handles your case will determine the outcome of the case. Equally important is for you to understand how the criminal justice system works too. This article will discuss the criminal justice system and all you need to know about it in case you are looking for an LA criminal defense attorney.
The criminal justice system is a system that consists of three parts. These parts are the judge and jury, the defense attorney, and the prosecutor. The judge and jury are tasked with ensuring that an impartial decision is rendered and the decision made is based on presented facts and the applicable laws to the charged offense. It is, therefore, important that the judge and jury be able to hear arguments and facts presented from both sides involved in the case. The defense attorney, on the other hand, is tasked with the responsibility of arguing on behalf of the defendant. When the defense lawyer is available, the defendant does not need to prove his or her innocence. In other words, the responsibility of proving that the defendant is innocent lies on the defense attorney. The prosecutor is tasked with proving on the state’s behalf that the defendant is guilty of the crime he or she is charged.
You should also know that in any case, it is recognized by the criminal justice system that the state asserts ultimate authority over a single individual. The defense observes the assertion of this authority by the state, making sure that it is not abused. There are a couple of safeguards that are set to ensure that the state does not abuse its authority. These safeguards are:

– The defendant has the right to ensure that he or she is not mistreated and that he or she is given the opportunity to defend themselves in a court.

– The defendant does not have to present any evidence in court or testify, therefore, giving his or her version of events. The jury, therefore, should not consider the decision by the defendant not to testify.

– It is the role of the prosecution (the state) to present evidence and prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the charged crime. This is called the burden of proof.

– There are a number of procedures that have been formulated to guide the whole process of investigation and arrest. These procedures are there to ensure that the defendant is correctly charged with a crime that he or she actually committed.
Safeguards can be violated and ignored. It is the job of the defense to ensure that the state does not violate or ignore any of these safeguards. The defense lawyer does this by:

– Challenging any errors in procedure and ensuring the dismissal of the charges because the testimony or evidence is unreliable.2017-03-21_16-30-37

– Presenting evidence and testimony in the court that can challenge the arguments of the prosecutor. The defense attorney also challenges any facts that were asserted by the prosecutor. The defense does this to ensure that defense is defeated by the high burden of proof it is meeting.

– Informing the defendant of his or her rights. The defense also defends all those rights ensuring that they are not violated.
Importance of the Defense Attorney

You might be asking yourself why it is important for you to require the services of a criminal defense attorney. Well, to answer this, you need to know that a defense lawyer is your first line of defense when facing the state. It is, therefore, important that you look for a defense attorney as early enough in your case as possible. Advice from a defense lawyer and his or her arguments can protect you from a guilty conviction early enough. The defense attorney is also able to seek your temporary release from jail through bail. This will allow you to assist in setting up your defense. Other than that, the defense lawyer will help protect your rights by informing you of them, making sure that you know how to benefit from them. A defense attorney is also important because he or she can negotiate a plea or even have your charges dropped by the court.

March 22

Benefits Of Having A Criminal Defense Attorney In Your Corner

criminal-defense-lawyer-orange-county-californiaIf you are arrested for a crime whether you are guilty of the crime or not, it can be a very scary and stressful time. Just being handcuffed and put in the back of a police car is enough to scare anyone. If you are arrested and you want to ensure the best possible outcome, you should hire a criminal defense attorney. There are several things that an attorney can do for you that you wouldn’t be able to do for yourself.

Assistance With Bail
When you are arrested, you will often be held in jail until your bail hearing. The amount of money that you would pay to be released on bail would depend on the severity of your crime and your criminal history. The best way to ensure that you will be released on bail and that you will be required to pay the lowest amount of money possible is to hire an attorney.

Realistic Evaluation of the Case
Most people don’t have enough experience with criminal law to be able to understand exactly how much trouble they are in. If you are arrested for a crime, you should sit down with a criminal defense attorney to get a realistic evaluation of your case. Your attorney would review the police report, the evidence against you, and they would listen to your side of the story. This will give you an idea of how much trouble you are in. The attorney would also be able to give you advice regarding how you should plead. In the end, the decision is entirely yours, however, having an attorney there to give you their professional opinion can make it easier for you to decide what you are going to do.

Plea Deals
If you are guilty of the crime that you committed, your attorney would try to work out a plea deal. This is where you agree to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced sentence. Plea deals benefit both parties. The deal would avoid a trial, saving the court system a great deal of time and money. It would also help you as you would be serving a reduced sentence. Only a lawyer can work with the prosecution to set up a deal. If you were planning to defend yourself in court, this type of deal would not be an option.

Case Preparation and Representation
If you are not guilty of the crime that you are accused of and you are planning to go to trial, you would need a good lawyer in your corner.judges-bench Your attorney would prepare the strongest case possible in hopes of the jury finding you not guilty. Not only would the lawyer come up with the best strategy, they would also find witnesses to testify on your behalf. They would also prepare you and the other witnesses for your time on the stand. Most criminal attorneys have investigators on their staff. If there is any evidence that might help your case, they will have their investigators working to find this evidence.
Once the case is prepared, your attorney would present it to the court. After making their opening statements, your lawyer would cross-examine witnesses for the prosecution. When it is time for your lawyer to present your side of the case, they would question the witnesses who are testifying on your behalf. Finally, they would make their closing argument. There is an old age saying, that says that a person who chooses to defend themselves in court has a fool for a client. This is true. If you want to have the best chance of being found not guilty during your trial, you would need a good criminal defense attorney working for you.

Someone to Listen
Most people are very scared and stressed after they are arrested. When you hire a criminal lawyer, you will have someone to listen to your fears and your worries. Having someone with legal experience to listen to you and give you advice and reassurance can make the whole process much easier.

Being arrested for a crime, whether you are guilty or not guilty can be a very scary time. It is important to hire a criminal attorney very early on to make the entire process easier. It will also ensure the best outcome possible.

August 29

I’m Smitty and I’m Glad to Be Here!

I couldn’t believe that I could actually get a blog name with my own nickname, but there ya go! So, I’m new to this whole website building thing, and hope you are patient with me as I get going.

I don’t like to take myself too seriously, and I hope that’s what comes across as I write. I like to review products, and talk about different topics that just interest me, and this seemed like a great place to do it. So, let me get going. Back soon!